Install UX Sniff Tracker to Wix

If you're using Wix, you can add your UX Sniff tracking code to your Wix website by following the steps below. Please note that Wix only allow sites with a connected domain to install a tracking tools.

Step 1. Go to your Wix Settings in your site's dashboard.

Under Advanced Settings, click Tracking Tools.

Step 2. Click + New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown..

Step 3. Setup your tracking code

3.1 Select the relevant domain.
Note: This option will appear only if you have multiple domains.

3.2 Name:
Enter a name for this tracking code.

3.3 Add Code to Pages:
Select All Pages
Select Load code on each new page

3.4 Place Code in:
Select Body - end

Step 4. Click Apply.