New feature: Engagements Report

We are excited to introduce our new Engagements Report. We have received a lot of feature requests regarding the scroll depth. However, we decided not to release a scroll depth report since the scroll depth data alone is too vague in order to make any decision in terms of UX. We decided to create a more meaningful report rather than scroll depth: The Engagement report.

So, the Engagements Report pretty much telling you how well and bad your pages perform in a way. Engagements are interactions and events including mouse movements, clicks and scrolls when a user visiting a page.

Please note that abnormally high engagements might indicate rage users in some cases.

For instance, by looking at the top and worst engagements pages we will see how user behavior changing when they are landed on different pages.

The sparklines showing the user engagements over the scroll depth. This makes scroll depth more meaningful as users might scroll to the end without any engagement.

So, the ordinary scroll depth data is kind of useless since it doesn’t tells what happen when a user scroll to the end, or when they didn’t scroll to the end.

Engagements are way more important data points we should look at rather than the scroll depth. We might have 10% users scroll to the end but having 90% of engagements there. Or a 100% users scroll to the end with 0% engagement. Which one would indicate a better UX?


By uxsniff

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