Real-time Feedback on your website

Feedback help you collect the most descriptive feedback from your users. Feedback needs to be timely. UXsniff feedback widget allows users to submit feedback on the spot.

Hear from your users

Capture feedback in-the-wild

The best feedback is collected in-the-wild. Hear from users as they experience your site.

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feedback widget

Spot areas for improvement

Gather feedback with context

Users are able to take screenshots and highlight areas of the page they like or dislike, which can help in identifying areas for improvement.

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screenshot feedback

Watch frustrasted users

Learn from Frustrated User Behavior

Received negative feedback? Watch the session recording to see what went wrong.

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watch frustrasted users

Hidden gems

Beachcomb UX gems

There are gems and mines in your backyard. Detect them with UXsniff.