Feedback widget on your website Feedback help you collect the most descriptive feedback from your users. By making it easy for your visitors to leave feedback, you are more likely to get the feedback you need to improve your site.

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How Website Feedback Widget Can Help Your Business?

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Collect user insights with
on-site survey On-site surveys capture insights from website visitors by launching your surveys the way you like: display instantly or under conditions

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Sniff out user behavior

See exactly what your users are doing on your website, right now and across design versions.

Session recordings

Hit play to see your users’ clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, and activity exactly as they happened. Find out more.

Real-time activity

Review user activity right now. Test promotions or new designs in real time to boost conversions.

User journeys

Track individual HTML elements by user session and record conversions (or lack thereof) on autopilot.

Automatic rage click detection Uxsniff automatically detects unusual user activities and behaviour, such as manic repeated clicks on your website. Replay the session to see exactly what frustrates your users, and take action to fix it.

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Beachcomb UX gems

Uncover opportunities to boost conversions without the guesswork. See where your users are dropping out or failing to take action.


Visualize where people are clicking and tapping on a neat map of your website. Find out more.


Get a bird’s eye view of interactions and engagement on your page.

Advanced smart reports

Turn data into actionable insights with our smart reports rooted in the latest UX best practice.

Downtime Alerts Ever the loyal watchdog, UXsniff looks out for your business, notifying you when your website is down.


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“UX reporting for everyone”

I mainly use UX Sniff for heatmaps and reporting UX issues to management. To this day I am yet to find other UX software that present reports as brilliantly as UX Sniff. They use a top-down approach that works very well, with high-level insights that are useful for management and fine-grained details that allow technical follow-through.

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