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Top features

Access to:

100 daily recordings

5,000 daily pageviews

3 months data storage

Realtime data

Site audit


Data exports

Everything in Poodle, and:

250 daily recordings

15,000 daily pageviews

6 months data storage

Rage click alerts

Survey customization

Developer API

Everything in Hound, and:

500 daily recordings

30,000 daily pageviews

12 months data storage

Advanced reporting

Downtime alerts

Remove branding

Everything in K-9, and:

2,500 daily recordings

100,000 daily pageviews

12 months data storage

10 websites

Access to all features

Heatmaps & Recordings
Daily recordings
100 sessions
250 sessions
500 sessions
2,500 sessions
Daily pageviews
5,000 pageviews
15,000 pageviews
30,000 pageviews
100,000 pageviews
Data storage
3 months
6 months
12 months
12 months
2 websites
3 websites
4 websites
10 websites
Element & URL inspector
User journey
Segment & filter
UX Watchdog
Site audit
2,000 links per scan
10,000 links per scan
50,000 links per scan
200,000 links per scan
Data exports
Rage click alerts
Developer API
Downtime alerts
Advanced reporting
Feedback and survey widgets
Traffic coverage
Survey customization
UXsniff branding

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free plan available?

Yes, free plan is available upon request, our forever free plan comes with 4,500 free monthly pageviews with 150 recording limits. You can sign up for a free account here.

What are sessions?

A session is the full journey of a visitor on your site including every page they visit. Every time a visitor comes to your site, UXsniff will record their journey and interactions with your page. You can analyze this data in Heatmaps and Recordings.

Will UXsniff protect my visitor's privacy?

Of course, UXsniff collects anonymous insights and not on personal data. We support user privacy and anonymity and are fully committed to compliance with the GDPR.

What makes UXsniff different?

We’re an indie studio developing the new tracking kid on the block: cozy, lightweight, but fully powered and ready for the future. You get behavioral tracking that just works and looks out for you, without extra complexity, confusing pricing, or a crazy learning curve. In fact, a lot of our users switch over from big players like Hotjar. Woof yeah!

Why should I upgrade to a paid plan?

If you love fine-grained tracking, need a lot of data, and want a full-time watchdog at your side, then you’ll love our pro plans. We try our darndest to make most features and horsepower available to free users, but things like auto-archiving, data retention, and advanced reporting cost us significant resources. Try free for 14 days, no strings attached, to smell the full power of cozy user analytics.

I am a Nonprofit. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer special pricing for non-profit organizations and causes. Please contact us for more information.

How do I install Uxsniff?

A single tracking code allows you to collect data from your visitors and send it back to Uxsniff. Installation involves copy and pasting your unique Tracking Code within the site you would like to track. We’ve created guides to help you install the Tracking Code on Wordpress, Shopify, Wix or Google tag manager.

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