Website Heatmap Tool Visualize aggregated data in interactive heatmap and see how users scroll, click and move on your website. Heatmap data is automatically captured in real-time without extra configurations.

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What makes UXsniff an awesome free heatmap tool

Visualize where people are clicking and tapping on a neat map of your website.

Auto capture

Auto capture heatmap data for all the pages by default.


Heatmaps tell you something but not everything. Get a bird’s eye view of interactions and engagement on your page using clickmap.

Scroll depth

Learn exactly where users stop scrolling and leave with embeded scroll depth indicator.

Compare Desktop and Mobile

Learn how your user behavior changes depending on the devices.

Automatic rage click detection Uxsniff automatically detects unusual user activities and behaviour, such as manic repeated clicks on your website. Replay the session to see exactly what frustrates your users, and take action to fix it.

No credit card required.

Session recording

See exactly what users scrolling, moving and clicking on your website.

Watch users in the wild

See exactly how users scrolling, moving and rage clicking on your site.

Full user journey

Watch actual user journeys on both your front and back end.

Spot user pain points and bugs

Filter down to recordings of users rage clicking to troubleshoot.

Downtime Alerts Ever the loyal watchdog, UXsniff looks out for your business, notifying you when your website is down.


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“UX reporting for everyone”

I mainly use UX Sniff for heatmaps and reporting UX issues to management. To this day I am yet to find other UX software that present reports as brilliantly as UX Sniff. They use a top-down approach that works very well, with high-level insights that are useful for management and fine-grained details that allow technical follow-through.

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Heatmap analytics FAQs

Will my heatmap analytics show mouse movement?

Heatmaps show you where users (in aggregate) click their mouse (or tab on mobile) on a page. Hot-spots (red) indicate more frequent clicks.

Try session recordings to see individual userss’ mouse movement in action. Session recordings are renderings of real users’ actions as they browse your website. Recordings capture mouse movement, clicks, taps, and scrolling across multiple pages.

Can I use heatmap tracking with Google Analytics?

Yes, traditional website analytics tools like Google Analytics (GA) are great for collecting data around metrics such as bounce rate, pageviews, traffic source, but the information collected can be hard to understand.

Behavior analytics tools like heatmaps give you more information about the user journey as well as a visual representation of the data.