AI Features

Welcome to UXSniff GPT Assistant

Hello, Data Enthusiasts! There’s a new tool in town, and it’s quietly making waves in the world of analytics. Introducing the UXSniff GPT Assistant – a humble yet powerful addition to your data toolkit, born from the collaboration between UXSniff and openAI’s Generative API.

What’s This All About?

Imagine a tool that simplifies complex data into a friendly chat. Meet UXSniff GPT Assistant! It’s like chatting with a wise friend who makes sense of numbers and trends easily and understandably.

Your Personal Data Guide

Ever felt lost in a sea of data, seeking insights? UXSniff GPT Assistant is your guiding compass. It makes data approachable, not overwhelming. This tool is all about turning data analysis into an easy conversation, making analytics accessible to everyone, not just data experts.

Try It Out, It’s On Us

Interested? Start your journey without spending a dime. Yes, it’s free to get started. Dive into the world of conversational data analysis without any cost.

Step 1: Setup UXsniff tracker

Simply create a free account on UXsniff, install the tracking snippet, and you’re all set.

Step 2: Start the conversation

Click on the bot icon and begin your chat. Ask questions like

What’s unusual on my site today?

and receive prompt replies from the GPT Assistant.

Step 3: Drill down into the details

Need more specific information? Just ask the GPT, like:

tell me more about the rage clicking events.

The GPT Assistant is there to delve deeper and provide the details you’re looking for.


In a world where data can seem daunting, UXSniff GPT Assistant is your serene guide. It transforms complex data into a language that’s easy for you to understand. Why not try it out? Your data has fascinating stories to tell, and we’re here to assist you in uncovering them. Join us on this journey of discovery, insight, and clarity. 🌟