Improve website's UX by learning from real-world user behavior

UXsniff detects and reports abnormal user behavior, such as manic repeated clicks or scrolls on your website, automatically.

How it works

install tracking code

See what your users see

Session recordings

See exactly how your users scrolling, moving, and rage clicking on your website. Understand what frustrates your users, and take action to fix it.

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session recordings

Visualize your user behavior

Website Heatmaps

Visualize aggregated data in interactive heatmap and see how users scroll, click and move on your website. Heatmap data is automatically captured in real-time without extra configurations.

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Hear from your users

Feedback Widget

Feedback help you collect the most descriptive feedback from your users. By making it easy for your visitors to leave feedback, you are more likely to get the feedback you need to improve your site.

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Learn what users really love

On-site Survey

Setup surveys in seconds with the simple-to-use survey builder. Ask users why they sign up and learn what they really love.

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on-site survey

Hidden gems

Beachcomb UX gems

There are gems and mines in your backyard. Detect them with UXsniff.