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UX Sniff

UX Sniff

Rethink User Behaviour

Users are Strange

We track websites’ UX and learn from
real-world user behaviour. Users are strange.
Actionably strange.

Interesting and Funny User Behaviour

Users are puzzling, surprising, and oftentimes, plain funny. Dive deep enough into their behaviour, and you'll rethink everything you know about user experience.

For example

A good chunk of online users still can’t differentiate between what is clickable and what is not. They’ll just click on anything that seems interesting to them, such as a bold text with a keyword.

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There are hidden gems and hidden traps in user behaviour

Learning the quirks of behaviour on your website means finding new, actionable points of user interaction. We’ve helped internet business owners provide effective and targeted solutions by leveraging hidden gems and traps in their UX.

Case studies

Hidden gem: untapped opportunity

The client, a local portal for parents, designed a directory page dedicated to advertisers. But users weren’t interacting with any of them, which made the advertisers upset. Ending-the-relationship-for-good upset.

Our data analysts found that one particular article, created with no intention to convert whatsoever, performed 10 times better than the directory page. Content they cared about led users to click on advertisers’ links. The client showed advertisers the statistic, changed the directory page to a keyword-targeted article, and boom: users clicked, advertisers advertised.

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Hidden trap case study


Hidden trap: tiny changes

Sometimes, things will go wrong with even minor changes made to your site. The site owner simply updated the jQuery library version. Everything worked fine, but no one realized that the search results page suddenly stopped working.

It might have taken weeks for the owner to learn about the bug, usually thanks to a well-intentioned user making an effort to report it. But they had us track user behaviour and performance in real time, so the bug was spotted and solved almost immediately.

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Hidden gem with trap


Hidden gem, lurking trap: infinity scroll

All that glitters is not gold, and UX is no exception. The website owner decided to implement infinity scroll on articles: as users scrolled through one article, the next one with all its ads would be loaded at the bottom of the page.

Ad revenue doubled on the first day of implementation, but with a caveat: users started bouncing en masse, because they weren’t interested in the other articles. Had they not realized this in time, the poor UX would have damaged long-term SEO result and the relationship with advertisers.

See user experience dashboard

Hidden treasure


Hidden treasure: hit Next is a content publishing platform with monthly traffic in the millions, and this is their strange, quirky UX finding. We found that users were clicking more on the “Previous” button rather than the “Next” button. What?! Ads are on the right column, we want them to go next, and next and next. By removing the Previous button, ad CTR nearly doubled. So did revenue.

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Every website serves a purpose

Subscribe. Buy Now. Stay a while longer. Conversion happens when users do what you want them to. Since conversion depends directly on user behaviour, measuring and fine-tuning UX helps your website achieve its purpose.

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Every website is unique

Every website has different UX problems to solve. Users being users – quirky and strange – there’s no silver bullet UX solution, even for similar websites and groups of behaviour. Even great data, by itself, often isn’t enough…

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There are 408,000,000 websites using analytics and tracking tools.1

However, there are only approximately 110,000 Data scientists in the world 2

As a result, website owners and developers are doubling as data scientists

Business decision making still largely relies on summary metrics such as unique visits, pageviews and bounce rate. Even when the infrastructure and budget are there, more fine-grained, actionable analysis is hard to come by.

Why is this a problem?

Imagine you’re driving a car without a dashboard. You can see the road, make turns, accelerate, brake. You could reach your destination... but you wouldn't know your gas level, tyre pressure and engine condition until something bad happened.

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The good news is: you can track data and UX behaviour without a data scientist.

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We'll track your UX for you, in three simple steps:

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Brush up your stack

We'll start by bringing your sniffing apparatus up to speed in no time. This includes Google Analytics and Custom Events if you don’t have them already, but also some of the fancier solutions, depending on your business goals:

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SuperMetrics for Google Sheet


Install our tracking script

Working with dozens of clients, we've refined the most advanced user behaviour tracking solution to date: a lightweight JavaScript code snippet that integrates easily on any page on your website. Think of it as a pickaxe for hidden UX gems.

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Treasure hunt that UX

Understand your users’ hidden gems for better ROI and avoid traps for impeccable conversions. We send monthly reports and offer data-driven advice at every step of the way.

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There are gems and mines in your backyard. Detect them with UX tracking.

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We are a crew of hands-on developers, designers and UX geeks that care about the future of the web. UX Sniff operates as a private consultation service.

Some of our clients:

Great UX Tracking Resources

User behaviour tracking is a new field and awesome tools are popping up all the time. Some are simple, automated and very easy to use. If you want to try beachcombing UX gems on your own, give these ones a shot:

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This is but a simple one-pager. We bet user behaviour on your webpages is many times more interesting. Call us +65 91548220 #UXSniff

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