Revolutionize User Experience Insights with AI-Powered UXsniff

Experience a game-changing approach to user experience insights with UXsniff, an AI-powered tool that autonomously analyzes session recordings and identifies abnormal click patterns. Let UXsniff be your virtual UX analyst, transforming your UX analysis process.

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When Data Talks, We Listen!

Discover Hidden Gems with UXSniff GPT Assistant and openAI's Generative API!

Experience the conversation between data and brilliance! With UXSniff GPT Assistant. Harmonizing seamlessly with openAI's magic, it transforms analytics into a captivating dialogue. Integrated into UXSniff, it's more than insights—it's a data symphony. Get started now for free and let the conversation unfold. 🚀

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session recordings

See what your users see

Session recordings

See exactly how your users scrolling, moving, and rage clicking on your website. Understand what frustrates your users, and take action to fix it.

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session recordings

GPT Summary of Session recordings

Ain’t nobody got time to watch an hour-long recording for UX insights, but AI does.

Analyzing hundreds of session recordings to extract UX insights can be a daunting task. That's why we've leveraged the power of the ChatGPT API to provide you with a summary of each recording.

Now, you don't have to watch every single video. Simply review the GPT-generated summary and gain a quick understanding of what occurred in the session. With this summary, you can efficiently decide whether to skip a video or delve deeper into the details.

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session recordings

Visualize your user behavior

Website Heatmaps

Visualize aggregated data in interactive heatmap and see how users scroll, click and move on your website. Heatmap data is automatically captured in real-time without extra configurations.

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Introducing Wayback Machine for Heatmaps!

🕰️ Ready to Time Travel with Our Wayback Machine for Heatmaps?

We've donned our time-travel goggles and ventured into the past to remember every detail of your past designs. 🚀

With the power of our Wayback Machine, we're here to unlock the secrets of your website's history and bring your old designs back to life. Ready to embark on a journey down memory lane? Let's dive in together! 🌟

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Wayback Machine

Hear from your users

Feedback Widget

Feedback help you collect the most descriptive feedback from your users. By making it easy for your visitors to leave feedback, you are more likely to get the feedback you need to improve your site.

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Learn what users really love

On-site Survey

Setup surveys in seconds with the simple-to-use survey builder. Ask users why they sign up and learn what they really love.

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on-site survey

Automate your UX and SEO audit, connect 5000+ apps with Zapier

Focus on being productive instead of busy. UXsniff makes it easy to automate your UX and SEO audit.

When this happens New rage click on your website
When this happens New user session recording
When this happens New SEO/UX audit report
Do this New data in Sheet
Do this New message in Slack
Do this New task in Notion
Do this New ticket in Zendesk
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