We have increased sign-up conversion rates by 1200%

A minor change making a big impact on growth and conversion – this is a great example. Sign-up conversion rates increased from 1.8% to 25% in just 3 days after one-click sign-up implementation, a 1288.89% increase.

Old sign-up page

Initially, our sign-up rate was very low, ranging from 1.5% to 1.8%. The majority of our traffic comes from our Google Ads campaign, and the sign-up landing page has remained unchanged for the past 2 years.

Old sign-up page with 3 fields.

The old sign-up form required users to enter their email, password, and website URL. It had strict validation rules, and would even return an error if the website URL did not return a 200 status code.

Heatmap view of the old sign-up page.

Our heatmap tool showed that there were many clicks on the first field, fewer on the second and third fields, which were the password and website URL. Session recordings showed that many users dropped off at this page due to invalid email addresses or website URLs.

New, one-click sign-up page

New sign-up page using one click sign-up.

We decided to implement one-click sign-up using Google Identity Services APIs, the result is astonishing.

Google Ads Sign-up Conversion Rates

From the Google Ads report, the sign-up conversion rates increased from 1.8% to 25% just in 3 days after implemented the one time sign-in. it’s a whooping 1288.89% increase in the sign-up conversion rates.

How about the quality of the sign-ups?

Our next question is about the quality of the sign-ups. Will they be one-time user that never return? The purpose of our business model goes beyond just collecting emails, as the potential users must have a running or maintained website to use UXsniff.

The increased sign-ups are of no value if the user doesn’t have a website. After logging into the platform, users are now prompted to enter their website URL.

We compared the number of completed sign-ups before and after implementing the one-click sign-up:

Old sign-up page: One in ten users successfully entered their email, password, and website URL and completed the sign-up process.

New sign-up page: Out of ten users, 6 successfully signed up and 4 added their website URL after logging in.


We were aware of the one-click sign-up for a long time. Initially, we had concerns about low quality sign-ups. We thought the one-click sign-up might result in low-quality conversions that would mislead the Google Ads algorithm. But it seems like we were wrong.

Every business is different and yours might need to collect more information than just email addresses and website URLs. With Google Identity Services, you can collect more information like first name, last name, and profile picture using the single-click sign-up button.

As professionals, sometimes our first impressions may be incorrect. We should maintain a childlike curiosity and keep searching for answers, even if others have warned us not to.


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