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New Year, New Features, New Pricing – 2022

Hello 2022, we are thrilled to announce our new features followed by the new pricing plans.

Basically, we have removed the Free plan from the list. But don’t worry, we would be still supporting the existing 2,000+ Free plan users.

Goodbye, simulated session playbacks

We used to love simulated session playback because it contains only logs and what we need to do is just simulation. Since it consumes very little server resources, we are able to offer it unlimited even for free plans.

The major drawback of this method is accuracy. We thought it’s fair enough to have the tradeoff over a free, unlimited session playback at less accuracy.

After talking to different clients, we decided to say goodbye to the simulated playback and introduce the new session recording.

Hello, new session recordings

The new session recording is providing great accuracy and way more realistic playback. The cost for storing these playbacks grows from GBs to TBs and we couldn’t afford to offer it for free or unlimited anymore.

More segments, filters and columns

You can now select extra columns from the column option, as well as filter your recordings and user journeys using segments and filters.

More features are coming soon

We are still working on the feedback and survey features, the basic features would be available starting from Free plan.


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